Grade 1

First grade is a year of great growth. The classroom is set up with a structure that will allow each student to develop his/her curiosity and natural love for learning. In math, first graders develop skills and understanding in the topics of numbers, addition, subtraction, measurement, and two and three-dimensional shapes. You will see students using manipulatives like cubes, pattern blocks, and Cuisenaire Rods. One of our primary goals is to foster a love of literature by providing a print rich environment that values the importance of reading, writing, and respectful discussion. Our balanced literacy program includes reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop, word study, guided reading, independent reading, and shared reading. Writer’s workshop is a powerful way of having students communicate their ideas and personal stories through both conventional spelling and inventive spelling.

The expeditions in the first grade classroom motivates the students to learn and engages them to think deeply. This transforms students to become leaders of their own learning. In one of the expeditions students see their world through a new set of eyes as they investigate natural and human-made materials and explore what objects around them are made of. Fieldwork and hands on building experience helps students answer the guiding question of “How do we decide what material to build with?”