Special Education

We welcome all students at Conservatory Lab Charter School, including those with disabilities and limited English language proficiency. At Conservatory Lab, we follow an inclusion model where students who require special education services are instructed in general education classrooms. When necessary, students receive individualized instruction in all subject areas outside of the classroom as well. To ensure the success of all students, Conservatory Lab employs a full time Special Education Administrator and other specialized staff.

The Conservatory Lab special education program consists of the following:


Students with special learning needs are educated within the classroom to the fullest extent possible. Instruction is geared to develop the academic, social, and emotional needs of each child.

All classrooms offer differentiated instruction, tailoring lesson plans to the developmental needs and interests of individual students in all subject areas. Students with mild and moderate disabilities, and students considered talented and gifted learn together and from each other. Teachers accommodate each student’s cognitive abilities and learning styles. Students with special needs participate fully in El Sistema music programming.


Students receive pull-out services, as designated by Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans. These services can include:

• Speech and language, including but not limited to receptive/expressive language

• Developmental occupational therapy, including but not limited to sensory integration, fine/gross motor/visual perceptual control development

• Physical therapy, including but not limited to muscle exercises and balancing activities

• Math and literacy support

• Social skills development and social/emotional counseling in an individual or group setting


We collaborate as a team of teachers to create academic interventions for students who struggle with certain concepts or subject areas. This team, which includes special education teachers, special services providers, and the special education administrator meets regularly with classroom teachers and the school Principal to discuss referrals, to assess students’ progress and to create classroom modifications to meet the needs of special education students. Students are referred through pre-screening, teacher or parent referral.


This team, comprised of the Principal, the Special Education Administrator, classroom teachers and special services providers, meets weekly to determine targeted intervention and assess students’ progress. SST guides for families are available from the Principal.

*Please note: We welcome all students at Conservatory Lab Charter School, including those with disabilities and limited English proficiency.

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