Reading Workshop

Reader’s Workshop provides students with a supportive environment that involves them in authentic reading experiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual student. The philosophy behind the Reading Workshop is to allow students to spend an extended amount of time reading authentic self-selected texts, at their reading level, on a daily basis. The model provides a plethora of opportunities for students to talk about literature with their teachers and peers. The ultimate goal of a Reading Workshop is always to develop life-long passionate readers.

Reader’s Workshop has a predictable structure that begins with a whole class mini-lesson, followed by independent reading, guided reading and/or partner reading. During the reading workshop, teachers work with individual students and in small groups, to directly instruct students based on their individual needs. Each lesson closes with a share session where students reflect on the learning done during the workshop.


Wilson Fundations for K-2 is the phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program used in the CLCS classrooms. Teachers incorporate a 30-minute daily Fundations lesson into their language arts classroom instruction. Fundations lessons focus on carefully sequenced skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and spelling.