Heroes (Social Studies): Kindergarteners explore the world of superheroes and their powers through literature and theme songs. They then learn about real heroes by interviewing and researching community workers and how they help others. Students discover their own body, caring, and brain powers and learn the value of practice in music as in life. From creating a class superhero comic book to composing an original hero song, the classroom comes alive with this empowering message. Students use their body, caring, and brain powers to choose and plan a community service project.

The Life of a Loaf (Social Studies/ELA): Kindergartners learn how bread is made and shared around the world. Students bake, write recipes, host a feast, and create a bake sale. Throughout, students sing songs about bread from different cultures. They write a song about Friendship Bread and sing it for their friends. Through fieldwork with a local organization that uses a bakery to help feed and support community members in need, students experience the power of bread in their own community.

The World Around Us (Science): Kindergarteners discover how their senses and scientific methods help them experience and understand their environment. They write poems about the world around them, using their five senses to add details and sensory images to make their writing come alive.  They use critical thinking skills to describe, classify, and sort solids and liquids, music, and literature and design their own experiments to find out “what would happen if…?”  For a final product, students apply their knowledge of solids and liquids to create buildings and musical instruments. They recreate city sounds and write a rhythm song using their homemade instruments.