Getting to Know You (Social Studies): It’s the beginning of the school year! Preschoolers get to know one another by exploring their bodies and senses, their families and friends, and their school and neighborhood communities. They experience how teamwork builds community by cooking together, eating together, and making music together. Students are introduced to string, percussion, and wind instruments, form their own preschool band, and engage daily with a repertoire of theme-related songs that reinforce important concepts and vocabulary.

Portrait of An Artist (Art/Music/ELA): The K-1 classroom is transformed into a musical art gallery. Preschoolers explore the world of color through multi-sensory experiences that include listening and moving to music associated with different colors and creating a music-inspired color square quilt. Throughout the expedition, children practice what artists do—following their imaginations, using materials in different ways, and making artistic choices. A case study of portraiture inspires students to create self-portraits using different media. Their final project is an acrylic self-portrait. The expedition culminates in an art gallery opening that showcases students’ creativity and self-expression.

Under the Big Top! (Science): This expedition immerses preschoolers in the culture of the circus through Alexander Calder’s famous sculpture circus.  Students develop and practice scientific observation skills as they explore the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the circus. They work in teams to construct their own version of the circus and as an ensemble to produce a culminating circus-themed performance with circus music. The expedition integrates preschool science curriculum with visual and performing arts, as well as math and literacy skills.