Upper School (5th/6th)

Get Up! Stand Up! (5): Fifth graders explore American history through the lens of movements for social change. From the Boston Tea Party, to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the struggle for racial equality, students examine the democratic ideals that have inspired people to confront injustice and change their world. Music was an integral part of these movements. Throughout the expedition, students explore protest music and speeches as tools for social change. They write their own lyrics to a song about the Boston Tea party and perform protests songs that speak to issues in their lives today. Final projects include a power point presentation on the Freedom Trail to post on an educational history blog and planning a community service project to make a difference in their school or neighborhood.

Here Comes the Sun (Science): Fifth graders investigate the sun, the source of all energy on earth. They read sun folklore and explore how communities have harnessed solar power as an energy source. They research local green buildings that utilize interactive photovoltaic systems, including the nearby MATCH Charter School, where high school students demonstrate how to measure and collect data from the interactive photovoltaic systems installed on their school roof. Students make recommendations to the principal about incorporating solar panels in a new school building. Throughout the expedition, students listen to and perform music inspired by the sun.

Sound it Out! (Science): Sound is all around!  This expedition begins with an exploration of sounds in our local and global environment.  From acoustics to the sound wave, found sound composition to the human ear and deaf culture, fifth graders explore the concept of sound from multiple angles. Their investigation culminates in a Sound Gallery to showcase their learning and creations for the community.

Boston Harbor Islands (Science): Fifth graders investigate the ecosystem of the Boston Harbor Islands. They create a field guide to plant and animal life on the islands and compose a community service announcement encouraging Bostonians to visit and protect this unique natural resource. Students listen to music inspired by nature and incorporate island sounds into their own musical composition about the Harbor Islands.