Faculty & Staff

Conservatory Lab has an extraordinary faculty comprised of talented and dedicated classroom teachers, musician-educators, math and reading specialists with aides, and special education administrators and instructors. We work together as a team to create, build and evaluate curricular units, experiential learning opportunities, and assessments. Overall, there are 52 education, music, and administrative professionals dedicated to fulfilling the school’s mission and providing excellence in education to our students.

Administrative Staff

Diana Lam, Head of School

Central Office

John Chistolini, Chief Operations Officer
Nicole Bradeen, School Principal
Cecilia Soriano, Director of External Relations, Marketing & Communications
Robyn Pretlow, Director of Civil Rights, Parents, and Community Engagement
Toni Jackson, Marketing, Communications & Development
Alex Barstow, Marketing, Communications & Development
Keuna Cho, Research and Evaluation Manager
Alexei Rodriguez, Operations
Wellete Ramsey, Operations
Patrick Wall, Operations

Lower School – Primary (Grades K1, K2 & 1)

Brad Kershner, Director

Lower School – Elementary (Grades 2, 3 & 4)

Shalem Livingston, Director

Upper School – Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

Ashley Jaundoo, Dean of Students
Elise Mostello, Academic Dean

Classroom Teachers

Taheera Massey, K1 Teacher
Alex Musliner, K2 Teacher
Amanda Chamberlin, K2 Teacher
Amanda Goddard, K2 Assistant
Jovanne Buckmire, 1st Grade Teacher
Amanda Dulberg, 1st Grade Teacher
Libby Meehan, 1st Grade Teacher
Kathy Malone, 1st Grade Teaching Assistant
Tasheka Folkes, 2nd Grade Teacher
Kaylie Carrico, 2nd Grade Teacher
Mary Griswold, 3rd Grade Teacher
Ivy Wagner, 4th Grade Teacher
Caitlin Fleck, 4th Grade TEacher
Melanie Corning, 5th Grade Teacher
Jara Richards, 5th Grade Teacher
Elizabeth Schibuk, 5th and 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Valencia Patilla, Middle School: English/Language Arts
Annabel Moorman, Middle School: Mathematics
Kate Jahl, Middle School: Social Studies
Becky McCarthy, Student Support
Lavonne Bishop, Student Support

El Sistema

Josue Gonzalez, Program Director
Brad Barrett, Bass
Adrian Anantawan, Violin
Alex Barstow, Viola
David Cordes, Early Childhood Music
Leah Hennessey, Musicianship
Tess Plotkin, Percussion
Chris Schroeder, Trumpet
Paul Geresy, Percussion
Hannah O’Connor, Trumpet
Julie Flint, Flute
Robin Rhodes, Bass
Carlos Sulbarán, Bass/Cello

Faculty, Staff and Specialists

Rhonda Berkower, Senior Researcher and Editor
Elise Mostello, Academic and Curriculum Advisor
Day Farenga, Director of Special Programs
Kayleigh Jacobson, Playworks Coach
Mary Ann Rufo, Speech Language Pathologist