Central Office

2120 Dorchester Ave.
Dorchester, MA 02124

John Chistolini | Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Chistolini returned to his roots in education after twenty years of practice as an attorney in the areas of educational law, child care and protection, and personal injury. His background includes a Master’s degree in Education as well as 17 years with Boston Public Schools where he began as a middle school science teacher and also held positions as Chief of the Boston School Police, and Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent of Operations. While working for the Deputy Superintendent of Operations, he supported and managed a comprehensive array of city-wide services and programs in 79 elementary, 24 middle and 15 high schools requiring a thorough understanding of operations, finance, procurement systems, transportation, and human resources. His love of education fostered the establishment of the “Massachusetts Charter School Legal Service Program” which provided legal guidance and services to Charter Schools. His work with Charter Schools has included governance issues, development and operation of strategic plans, legal guidance in the daily operation of a school, and equipping personnel with the tools to respond to an administrative, personnel, student or school crisis. His passion is being founder of and trustee (with his daughter Alexandra) for Ebenezer Foundation, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Trust which provides legal and financial expertise to raise tax deductible funding to provide shelter, medical care, and education to the orphans and street children of Zambia, Africa (www.ebenezerfoundation.net). When first introduced to the Conservatory Lab, his impression was that the Conservatory is led by visionaries and extraordinary, talented, and dedicated faculty and staff. He decided he wanted to be part of a team and community that were creating and building a unique and rigorous academic and music education for its children.

Nicole Bradeen | Principal

Mrs. Bradeen earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley College and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Columbia University, in New York. She has extensive teaching, coaching, and administrative experience. This includes five years as Program Director for Breakthrough Collaborative, an intensive summer program for low income urban middle school students. It also includes 5 years as Academic Program Manager at the Esther B. Clark School in California, a school serving public school students with acute emotional, behavioral, and learning needs referred from 30 sending districts. In addition, she served as Dean of Instruction for Coliseum College Preparatory Academy in California, a public school working with a student population with high dropout rates. As a former clarinetist and pianist, she understands the power of discipline, creativity, and teamwork that comes from making music.

Mrs. Bradeen’s strengths include her experience of fortifying special services to address the individual and varying needs of students. She is an instructional leader and curriculum thinker, passionate about education and working with teachers, is a clear communicator, and her collaborative approach and problem solving style resonate with her stated belief that, “Building relationships drives change.”

Cecilia Soriano | Director of Marketing, Communications, and External Relations

Ms. Soriano is a veteran arts administrator who has dedicated the majority of her professional career to the two passions in her life – children and the arts. “Art is the signature of civilization” is a central belief for her. To this end, she has been successful in raising funds and developing supporters for each of the arts programs and the arts organizations with which she has worked. Among these were CITYDANCE, during her tenure as Director of the Center for Dance Education at Boston Ballet; DANCE FOR ALL as Executive Director of American Academy for Dance and Kindred Arts in Santa Monica, CA; MUSIC L.A.!, while at the Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles; the 60th Anniversary Season for Starlight Theatre in Balboa Park, San Diego,CA while she was Executive Director; and the 45th season for Colorado Ballet in her role as Vice-President Development, Marketing & Sales. In each of these endeavors, along with others, she has been responsible for the planning and execution of the Development, Marketing and Communications activities.

Robyn Pretlow | Director of Civil Rights, Parents, and Community Engagement

Robyn is an experienced and enthusiastic educational leader who is currently an Adjunct Professor at Hunter College teaching Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology. Prior to moving to Boston, Robyn was Director of Academic Programs for New Heights, an educational non-profit in New York. Robyn was a co-founder and school administrator of Capital City PCS Upper School in Washington, D.C. and Expeditionary Learning school and member of the Coalition for Essential Schools Small Schools Project. Robyn began her career in education through the New Teacher Project as a DC Teaching Fellow. She was Robyn received a Masters Degree in Education from George Washington University, a Law Degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a degree in Comparative Area Studies from Duke University.

David Gordon | Director of Budgets and Data Management

David’s primary focus is on budget management, financial analysis & administration, strategic planning, data collection, reporting and human resources and staff relations. Mr. Gordon comes from Boston Public Schools where he was the budget analyst and strategic business partner for the high school network and the department of special education. Prior to his employment with Boston Public Schools, David spent several years working for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he served as a Business Manager. David is currently enrolled in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Business Administrator certification program.

Keuna Cho | Research & Evaluation Manager

Keuna Cho is an arts education researcher, violinist, and music educator. She holds an Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a M.M. in violin performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Previously, Keuna studied Biology at Harvard University and worked as a researcher in a biology lab at Harvard Medical School. Deeply interested in understanding the many benefits of learning through the arts, she now devotes herself to measuring the impact of Sistema-inspired music education programs. During her time at HGSE, she has focused on formative and summative program evaluation, and has served as the evaluation consultant for the Community Connections program of the American Repertory Theater, as well as evaluator and project manager for the classical music education program Project STEP. She joins Conservatory Lab in July, 2014 as the Research and Evaluation Manager.

Catherine Martin | Graphic Designer and Video Editor

Catherine has wanted to make her own career in the arts since she was little. She spent her teenage years writing more poetry than average and filming movies with her friends around her hometown of Athens, GA. As an English major at Smith College, she developed an interest in how the arts affect public education in America that brought her to Boston, where education and the arts are constantly shifting and changing each other. While earning her master’s degree in Publishing and Writing at Emerson College, Catherine worked as a tutor, a freelance graphic designer, and an editorial assistant at Publishing Solutions Group and Wiley-Blackwell. After graduating, Catherine stayed in Boston because she wanted to work for an organization that fostered the arts in the Boston Public School system. She feels very lucky to have found Conservatory Lab, and is excited to begin her first year at the school!

Alex Barstow | Resident Artist (viola)/Marketing, Communications, and Development

Alex Barstow came to Conservatory Lab out of the Five-Year Dual Degree Program at Tufts University and the New England Conservatory of Music, where he received a B.A. in Sociology and B.M. in Viola Performance in 2012. His viola studies include work with Carol Rodland, Marcus Thompson, and Paul Biss. As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, he has been an active participant in the Boston arts scene, having ties to various arts institutions in the area, including the Boston Youth Symphony and the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra. Alex is glad to be a part of the Conservatory Lab community where he has the opportunity to combine his interest in music and social justice.

Wellete Ramsey | Operations Assistant

My name is Wellete and I am so excited to be here at the Conservatory Lab
Charter School. Thank you for how you all have welcomed me. Let me start by saying that I do not play a musical instrument. However, my passion for music stems from my moms musical past. She is a singer and studied music. She inspired our love for music through a variety of genres. It is a gift of life. Do you know what else is: Educators, Caregivers, and child advocates. Prior to joining you all here at CLCS, I worked as an Early Childhood Educator. I lead my own Preschool classroom and learned so much about children, students and teaching. My passion is for teaching and for caring for children. It is a difficult job, but it is also necessary and powerful. You become a source of protection, of love, and of reassurance. I can already see these things here at CLCS. It is comforting to know that I get to be apart of this, and that I get to contribute to all of the great things happening at the Conservatory Lab. I am happy to be apart of your team. When you think of me, please know that my greatest dream is to write. I want to write anything and everything, and I also want to inspire children to explore their creativity through writing.